Exquisite Blueberries Scented Bouquet 100ml

1 Scented Bouquet 100ml - 3,38 fl.oz Exquisite blueberries.

Olfactory Family: Fruty

Lead Notes: Tangy Blueberries, Orange Pulp
Heart Note: Red Plums
Base Note: Blackcurrant Coulis

Product description : 

The fragrant bouquet is a means of diffusion through capillary action , the rattan sticks absorb the fragrance and diffuse it in the air. 


Contents : 

  • 1 glass vase with its pendant and ribbon. Height 8.5 cm dia . 8.5 cm. 
  • 1 bottle containing 100 ml of flavored solution . Diffusion period of 3 to 4 weeks. 
  • 10 stems of rattan. Length 22 cm . 
  • French manufacture. 

Usage tips :

You can vary the intensity of the fragrance , repositioning the stems , turning occasionally for a more intense diffusion or by using a portion of the stems for a lighter diffusion.

We recommend changing the stems of rattan when you use a new charging solution in order to have an optimum distribution.


Data sheet

Exquisite Blueberries
Glass perfume vase
Container height
8,5 cm
3 ml
diffusion length
from 3 or 4 weeks
Rattan Sticks
Natural 22 cm
Packaging / Bottle / Labels / Accessories

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