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BALAMATA In Camargue

BALAMATA In Camargue find what sets this wilderness,
wildlife sanctuary and an exceptional flora. 

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  • Élégant Roseau /...

    Reeds have conquered the unspoiled plains of the Camargue with their elegant, slender allure.
    Enriched by the salt spray, their woody aura takes you the heart of the reed beds.

  • Délicat Tamaris /...

    At springtime in the Camargue, Tamarisk trees fill the air with their soft blossom.
    The fragrance blends with the scent of the hot sand and its aromatic notes are enhanced by those of the surrounding flora. Close your eyes, you're in the Camargue !

  • Douceur Des Rizières /...

    Immrse youself in the Camargue's emblematic rice fields with the subtle, delicate scent of tiny rice flowers and its powered, rose-like tonalities, evocative of fragility.

  • Fraîcheur Saline /...

    In summer, the salt flats of the Camargue dazzle with their pink and red hues.
    This is when the crystals form on the suface, giving rise to the exceptional " fleur de sel ".
    Its fresh, salty fragrance evokes the exceptional beauty of the landscape.

Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items
Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items