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BALAMATA In Corsica discover or rediscover what characterizes this beautiful island :
heavenly beaches , steep mountains, impenetrable scrub. 

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  • Figuier Sauvage / Wild...

    The afternoons are hot in Corsican villages and fig trees provide welcome shade.
    The aromas of green leaves and ripened fruit invite us for a moment of rest et relaxation.

  • Balade Sur Le Rivage /...

    All along the coast in Corsica, the colourful beauty of the sea is dazzling sight.
    A light breeeze floats through the air trailing a hint of sea spray, citrus fruit and driftwood;
    an exceptional moment in time.

  • Maquis Du Soir /...

    In the evening in Corsica, with heat of the day still radiant, the countrisyde is rich in aromatic effervesence.
    The spicy notes of the Everlasting Flower intertwine with the gentle aromas of the Corsican countryside;
    the promise of a calm and peaceful night.

  • Douce Clémentine /...

    The skin of the clementine has a zingy fragrance and its bracing freshness lends with the soft,
    sweet notes of the pulp. Its fragrance whisks you away to an instant in time in a clementine orchard in Corsica.

  • Châtaignier En Fleurs...

    The flower of the sweet chestnut tree is evocative of the fruit it bears but its fragrance is subtler and more delicate. Drink in the sweet, smoth scent of sweet chestnut blossom that will sweep you away
    to the land of Corsica.

  • Sublime Immortelle

    The Immortelle, an emblem of Corsica with its small golden flowers that impart
    a characteristic warm and spicy aromatic colour to the countryside.
    Let yourself be charmed and echanted by this flower that nevers fades.

Showing 1 - 47 of 47 items
Showing 1 - 47 of 47 items