Balamata In Mountain

With BALAMATA IN THE MOUNTAINS, savor the beautiful mountain heights as each season reveals the best nature has to offer.

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  • Noble Edelweiss
    Iconic and fascinating with its star shape, soft white petals and sparkling yellow heart, the Edelweiss flower is a veritable mountain treasure.
    Let its soft, fresh and delicate scent surround and charm you.

    Description parfum : Aromatic Fresh

    Head Notes : Ozonic Accord, Bergamot
    Heart Notes : Clary Sage, Edelweiss
    Base Notes : Cedar, Wild Chamomile
  • Magnificent Martagon Lily
    Under a bush or in the middle of a mountain prairie,
    the surprising Martagon Lily appears.
    On its slender stalks pink flowers with purple spots unfurl,
    freeing a captivating perfume

    Description parfum : Floral

    Note de tête : Eyelet, Dew Beads
    Note de cœur : Martagon Lily, White Flowers
    Notes de fond : Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossom
  • Exquisite Blueberries
    A small mountain fruit, the blueberry seduces with its pretty dark blue color and rich taste, slightly sweet and tangy.
    It entices with its savory and velvety fragrance reminiscent of delicious blueberry jam or pie.

    Description parfum : Fruty

    Head Notes : Tangy Blueberries, Orange Pulp
    Heart Note : Red Plums
    Base Note : Blackcurrant Coulis
  • Mountain Dawn
    On a winter morning as the sun appears, the mountain unveils its vistas, covered with freshpowdered snow which fell silently and delicately during the night.
    Let your imagination take you to this magnificent country, fresh and pure.

    Oflactive Family : Aromatic Fresh

    Note de tête : Elemi, Camphor
    Note de cœur : Fresh Ozonic Accord
    Notes de fond : Rosmary, Frosted Pine
Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items
Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items