Legendary Forest Scented Bouquet 250ml

Legendary Forest Scented Bouquet 250ml

1 Scented Bouquet 250ml - 8,45 fl.oz Legendary Forest.

Olfactive Family:
 Floral Green

Lead Notes: Lemon Peel, Stem Green
Hear Notes: Green Tea, Magnolia
Base Notes: Orchid, Yerba Maté

Product description:
The scented bouquet is a means of diffusion by capillarity, the rattan stems absorb the perfume and diffuse it into the ambient air.


  • Container: 1 glass perfume vase with its pewter labels + 1 bottle 250ml scented refill.
  • Height containing: Height: 10.5 cm / Diameter: 10.5 cm.
  • Scented Refill: 1 scented refill of 250 ml.
  • Alcohol: 100% Vegetal, Phthalate free
  • Duration of the recharge: +/- 4 months.
  • Rattan Stem: Bundle of 12 / Length: 27 cm.
  • Recyclable: Bottle / Label / Accessories.
  • Manufacturing: French in our workshop in the South of France in Aigues Mortes.

Usage tips:
You can vary the intensity of the scent, by repositioning the stems, turning them over from time to time for a more intense diffusion or by using only part of the stems (6 to 8 stems) for a lighter diffusion.
We advise you to change the rattan stems when you use a new refill of solution in order to have an optimum diffusion.


Data sheet

Legendary Forest
Glass perfume vase
Container height
10,5 cm
250 ml
diffusion length
from 3 to 4 months
Rattan Sticks
Natural 27 cm
Bottle, Bouchon,Label in Green Bin ( Only FR )

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